5th-8th December 2013. JS Global bring Cambodian buyers, Myanmar buyer to join Advanced Agricultural Technology Expo (AATE2013) in Korea

The biggest market place for agricultural innovative technology, machinery and materials.

The biggest show organizer in Korea, KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Centre) announced
the launch of the 1st Advanced Agricultural Technology Expo(AATE) which will be held 5-8
December 2013 at KINTEX, Seoul, Korea.

AATE will focus mainly on all kinds of agricultural innovative technology and materials and is set
to farmers, contractors and dealers from all over the world.

Show Classification
Crop Farming from sowing to harvesting
– Machinery, Equipment and Management for Professional Plant Production
– Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Service – from sowing and storage
– Machinery, Equipment and Farm Inputs for crop production
– Software and Management Service
Exhibition Product & Service
Tractors / Farmyard and Front Loaders, Forage Harvesting, Tillage, Grain Harvesting, Fertilizer Application, Forage Choppers, Technology for Municipal Application / Landscape Conservation, Forestry Machinery, Feed Mixers, Special Crops / Vegetable Growing, Energy Plants Production / Renewable Raw Materials, Plant Protection, Tyres and Wheels, Root Crop Harvesting –Sugar Beets / Potatoes, Seed, Electronics / Precision Farming / Agricultural Software, Sowing Technology, Storage and Conservation of Harvest Products, Components / Spare Parts, Transport Vehicles / Logistics, Ministries / Associations / Organizations, Irrigation / Sprinkler Irrigation.
Visitor Profile
– Professional Crop Farmers, Contractors and Dealers, Public Officials etc.

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