Electric Power Gen Business Roadshow in LAOS

From 24 November 2016 Hyundai Trading Co with assistance with JS Global Lao and TI 48 hosted a successful event for KOWEPO and 10 Visiting Korean  enterprises at Don Chan Palace Hotel.  EDL and over 40 Laotian Enterprises  visited the event and more than half including EDL and ministry of Energy were very interested in continuing the business with South Korean Enterprises. 

On 25 November the visiting enterprises visited Nam Geum Dam 1 where the visiting enterprises were impressed and expressed sincere wish to conduct business and assist in developing in Hydro power project in Laos.

Electric-Power-Geen-business-Roadshow-in-Laos-2pg Electric-Power-Gen-business-Roadshow-in-Laos-1 Electric-Power-Gen-business-Roadshow-in-Laos-3 Electric-Power-Gen-business-Roadshow-in-Laos-4